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about us

Forêt.Nature is a non-profit organization based in Southern Belgium and founded in 1987 by passionated foresters who wished to raise public awareness of the complexity of fo- rest ecosystem, its beauty and its fragility.

30 years after its creation, Forêt.Nature continues spreading knowledge in the field of nature conservation, natural habitat management and more specifically forest habitats. 

We propose several tools : 

  • Forêt.Nature, a journal popularizing forestry science that provides field actors with the results of University research. 
  • Forêt-Mail, a scientific press review featuring reference articles related to forestry and nature conservation. 
  • Ateliers Forestiers, training courses addressed to natural habitat managers. 
  • Erasmus+ project, experience and technical exchange between European managers. 
  • Pro Silva project, information and training on Pro Silva sylviculture and support for forest managers (inventories, technical tools, experimental forests, monitoring) 
  • Online bookstore, distribution of international reference books and documents on forestry and nature management 
  • Editing and publishing books, folders, technical sheets, reference tools. 
  • Support for researchers in their will of dissemination of knowledge (structuring results, proofreading, summary, layout, edition)

our strengths are

Our recognized knowledge of the forest ecosystem and nature conservation

20 years of experience in popularizing scientific results, « bringing the lab closer to the field »

Our expertise in communication towards a technical and professional audience with ad hoc tools

Our offer of practical and continuous training courses built with powerful tools

Our knowledge of the forest sector (Public Forest Administration, forest owners, naturalists, hunters, foresters)