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Who are we?

Forêt.Nature is a non-profit organization composed of a multidisciplinary technical team that facilitates the transfer of knowledge (knowing) and skills (know-how) through the fields of continuous professional training, communication, web development, publishing, and scientific popularization.

Forêt.Nature also ensures the development of continuous cover forestry (CCF) and manages national and European projects with its partners.

The non-profit organization was founded in 1987 by forest enthusiasts to raise awareness about the complexity, beauty, and fragility of this ecosystem.

Nearly 35 years after its creation, Forêt.Nature tirelessly continues its work in the service of living forests. 

Article 3 of our statutes states, "The association aims to popularize and disseminate knowledge to managers to ensure the sustainable management of ecosystems where trees are present. The association does the same for other actors in the forest-wood sector and also raises public awareness about all the challenges of these ecosystems..

It pursues the realization of its social purpose by all necessary means, including activities such as:

  • Continuous or initiation professional training
  • Technical support and management advice
  • Research and development, particularly in the field of continuous cover forestry, the link between forestry and biodiversity, and technical innovation in the forest-wood sector
  • Publishing, communication, web
  • Scientific popularization
  • Project management at the regional, national, and international levels
  • Sensitization and mobilization of professionals and citizens".

A team of 15 individuals with complementary skills, serving the forest

christophe heyninck

Publishing - Communication - Web

anne crespin

European Projects

maude vandenabeele

Living Forest - Training - Workloscope

sébastien petit

Training - Ecological species file - Soil

céline prévot

Training - Ecological species file - Flora

Marc Bussers


Nathalie Simon

Biodiversity - Salamander

bastien sante

Living Forest - Training - Marteloscope

julie stevens

Graphic Design - Web - Video

van driessche

Living Forest - Training

Justine Fourny

Secretary - Support

christine Sanchez

Living Forest - Training

Caroline Guillier

Living Forest - Training

Alexia Vandenbergh

Sociology - ForestChange

Yolande Collard

Living Forest - Training – Edge

Nos métiers

Formation professionnelle continue
en sylviculture

Accompagnement technique en SMCC

Recherches et développement : écosphère forestier

Projets éco-forestiers



Our strengths


The complementarity of our different professions serving quality services


36 years of continuous professional training experience from the Department of Nature and Forests


A verified technical quality with the systematic evaluation of our training by all beneficiaries (800 to 1000 per year) and by our peers


An intervention logic based on the analysis of beneficiaries' needs des bénéficiaires


A recognized complementary technical team to the sector in:

CCF,, pedology,

Continuous professional training and technical support for situations of blockage or transition

Scientific popularization, publications, and knowledge transfer


A team itself undergoing continuous professional training by our peers in the EU


A permanent collaboration with key players in the sector:

Public administrations: DNF, ANF (L), Brussels Environment, ONF (F), DEMNA, UVCW, Inverde/ANB

Private forest: : FNEF, SRFB, OEWB, PSF, PSW, CAPFP

Scientific: : UCLouvain, ULiège, AgroParisTech

Pro Silva ANW (Germany), Pro Silva Europe (board member), Pro Silva national and regional (France, Luxembourg, Wallonia, Netherlands, Ireland, Switzerland, Spain, Slovenia)


Extensive experience in managing national and international projects team management, d’équipe et de gestion and financial management, ensuring good governance and the best use and allocation of resources


Skills and tools capitalized and translated into 2 or 3 languages following requests from public services or private managers in: Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, Wales, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Basque Country, Hungary, Catalonia


Perfect knowledge of the Belgian territory continental temperate forest at geographical, bioclimatic, and site levels, as well as knowledge of forest actors including public or private managers or owners and contractors and operators.


Making all our tools for living forests, training, communication, and web available


Extensive experience in managing national and international projects, team management, and financial management, ensuring good governance and the best use and allocation of resources


The link from the laboratory to the field with universities and the development of CCF (pilot compartment, technical monitoring, scientific publications)